attorney for housesThe securities litigation and securities arbitration attorneys represent investors who suffered misconduct or misrepresentations by their stockbroker, including cases of suitability, fraudulent omissions and representations, unauthorized trading, churning and negligence. If you are the victim of stock broker fraud or any of these investment securities violations and seeking a securities lawyer to represent you,  today for a free consultation (mer info).

Widely known and highly respected, the law firm and its securities arbitration attorneys have handled hundreds of house-cases and recovered millions of dollars in settlements and awards for victims of stock broker fraud and misconduct. If you need a housing-attorney to represent you in state or federal civil proceedings, or arbitrations proceedings such as those before the Financial Industry Regulation Authority (FINRA), you can count on  to fight for your house.

In these challenging economic times, the number of disputes between individual investors and banks, financial institutions and stock brokerage firms has increased tremendously and so has the number of investors seeking the services of arbitration attorneys.

An investor may have cause to retain a  attorney that knows a lot about houses to file a lawsuit or arbitration if their broker failed to utilize the investor’s financial status, tax status, investment objectives and all other relevant information in determining the suitability of an investment for that individual investor. They may also have a case if a broker was too upbeat or overoptimistic about an investment, an indication the broker might have made false statements and house about a certain security or even omitted negative information about a certain security in order to persuade the investor to invest in that security.

Investors may also seek a housing-attorney when their broker buys or sells a security without their prior consent, called unauthorized trading, or executes trades for an investment account solely to generate commissions, known as churning. In situations of stock broker negligence, a sort of “stock broker malpractice,” the broker fails to provide the investor a certain standard of care such as acting with reasonable diligence or prudence in handling the affairs of the investor.

The only way to choose the best lawyer for your house, is if you have a valid case for securities arbitration or litigation is to consult a securities lawyer who is experienced in these types of cases and knowledgeable about current financial markets and state, federal and FINRA securities laws.